Blogging and midterms.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over this three-day weekend, work on the following things:

-Post five entries to your blog.
-Complete your blog's profile section (if it has not already been completed).
-Make sure that you have links to everyone else's blog in this class.
-Make sure that you have five (5) comments on random blogs in this class.
-Link to at least... let's say two (2) other blogs, either through blogspot.com or another site.
-Complete the miscellaneous portions of your blog: the link lists, music selections, etc. This is optional.

For the midterm, work on the following things:

-Choose your group, which can be as small or as large as you like.
-Determine the subject of your final project, which can be taken from almost any medium you wish. I would prefer it to be related to the Internet, but almost no one is doing that; and I am happy with almost every idea I've heard.
-Determine the rubric for your project. This is a breakdown of the project's components: 25 points for a written analysis, 25 points for a website, etc. I will help finalize this next week.

Any other elements I have forgotten here will be posted this weekend.


(Mis)directions; or, prestidigitation.

And by "prestidigitation," I more simply mean, of course, "legerdemain."

This should help you to link to your classmates' blogs:

1. Sign in to blogger.com/blogspot.com.
2. Click "Customize" where it sits in the top menu.
3. Now that your screen asks you to add or to arrange page elements, click on "Add a Page Element" where it sits on the left of the blog layout.
4. From the options you are now given, select "Link List."
5. Open my blog in a second window. It is located at meure.blogspot.com.
6. Add your classmates' blogs one at a time to this Link List. Be sure to give them the right name; you can copy and paste the names and links from my blog.

Huzzah. You're done.


Carpal tunnel vision.

I have successfully commented on each of your blogs. This took the better part of an hour, during which I may have slept face-down on the keyboard. If your comment from me is a mixture of "asdlgkajsdf;lkj" and actual words, I apologize.

When you have linked to and commented on your classmates' blogs, we will begin work on expanding our network, much like the Blob.