Magazine cover information.

The written component of your mock magazine cover should address the following:

  1. What is the focus of your magazine? Is it special or general interest?
  2. What kinds of visuals did you use? Why?
  3. What kind of layout did you use? Why?
  4. What kind(s) of article will be included inside this mock magazine, according to your cover?
  5. What audience are you targeting here? How do you think you have appealed to that audience?

Make the response follow the normal format. There is no length requirement; the response needs simply to be long enough to answer the above five questions.

Seminar information.

The following is an overview of how you must approach each remaining seminar (assuming you are not leading it).

Remaining seminars

See calendar.

New format

Each seminar must be followed by a written and graded response. It needs to be formatted, but it doesn’t need to be much longer than a page. The responses will be holistically graded and depend entirely on participation in the seminar and attention to the seminar leader.
This should help with absences, inattention and grades.
If absent on the day of a seminar, a student must do a report on the subject of the seminar to replace the response paper. Again, this will be no longer than a page (or two), but this one will be graded holistically according to accuracy and presentation of information.

The responses are due together in two separate collections. The first collection of five responses is due on December 17 (or thereabouts).

The first seminar: Friday, November 16

If you were absent on Friday, November 16, the seminar led by Taryn and Monica focused on the differences between special interest and general interest magazines. Your response, if you were absent, should attempt to explain the differences between a specific special interest magazine and a specific general interest magazine that you own or borrow from the school library.

In the future, the subject and an overview of each seminar will be posted online for absent students to read.

Important links and information.

The first link here is to a calendar that outlines the rest of the semester in Media Studies. The second link is to the rubric that will be used to assess your magazine covers, which are due on November 27.


Magazine rubric

You have one additional assignment to complete before Wednesday, 11/21: If you did not post to your blog over the weekend (between 11/16-11/18), add a new entry. Continue to follow your blog's focus. This is a simple y/n grade worth 25 points.