Photography continued.


I'm back. Please read the post below before reading this one, and keep in mind that while quasi-inclement weather may not be ideal for a fire drill, we would probably want fog, rain, and muck in an actual fire. You know, to help to put out the actual fire.

To continue your assignment:

If you are maintaining a blog about the baseball postseason, you will want to focus in on a "big" idea in that sport: steroid use, perhaps, or even the idea that baseball is our "national pasttime." If you are posting about small town news, you may try to find the ultimate representation of what it means to live in a small town.

Use Google, use your common sense, and be sure that the picture is both iconic... and, of course, appropriate for the ol' school building.

I will check these posts on Monday morning at 7 AM, when I arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for another glorious day of educating the future of America.

-Mr. Eure

Photography assignments.


While you are in the computer lab today, you are still to give your attention to the seminar leaders, Anne and Lauren. They will be using the projector screen in the room to walk you through an activity.

Your first assignment today is to load a Word document, follow the seminar, and complete the assignment given to you.

Your second assignment (for this week's blog) is to post a fifth time. You must find a photography that fits the theme of your blog and the elements discussed in the seminar on Thursday and Friday -- i.e., you are to locate an iconic photograph that fits your subject -- and add it in the body of your post. Next, you are to write at least two paragraphs:

1. describing and personally reacting to the photo
2. explaining why this is an iconic photo for your blog's subject matter

If you have been keeping a blog about nutrition, you will want to settle on something "big" (read: significant, cultural, time-sensitive) that has happened in nutrition, with fast food restaurants, with the general health of America...

... and I can't believe that we have another fire drill. Back in a minute.