For Monday.

Today, Friday the 28th, you should finish the censorship activity posted below this entry. You also have time to update your blog for this weekend's check.

We will be back in the classroom on Monday, when we will hold our discussion on censorship. Tuesday will see us in our first seminar. After Tuesday, we will wind down our study of the Internet before moving on to our second unit.


[expletive deleted]

The following link is to a document on my BHS website. This is your assignment for today's class and (probably) tomorrow's class; we may switch things up to accomodate our first seminar, but this entire guided tour is due.

Censorship on the World Wide Web

I will explain our schedule -- when we are in the lab and when we will be back in the classroom -- today during the period.


Blogs and blog things.

Dear Class,

Looking at your grades to this point, and anxiously awaiting your scores on tomorrow's quiz, I have reached a decision.

I can't accept late work from you, obviously, and I can't extend deadlines for you. I also can't offer extra credit. I can, however, make you the following deal:

If you are concerned about your grade (realizing that I'll be meeting with many of you while you're doing lab work on Wednesday to discuss grades), and if you get all of your work in on time and complete for the rest of the quarter, then I will drop your lowest grade.

That's not your lowest score, either. I will drop the lowest complete grade you have earned. If you missed a blog post, for example, and ended up with a 70 or lower because of it, you have the opportunity to make that grade disappear. If you forgot to turn in your data sheet, or if those early checks were late, and you ended up with a failing grade because of it, you have the opportunity to make that grade disappear.

To drop your lowest grade, you can't slip up at all for the next five weeks. Got it?

Mr. Eure