Complete me.

Today in this computer lab, you are to complete an assignment similar to the one you completed yesterday.

(If you were absent, you will need to come in after school today or before school tomorrow to complete the print portion of this work.)

Visit each of the websites in the list that follows this assignment. They correspond to the papers we examined yesterday in class. For each site, spend some time scrolling through the front page. You're going to stay here for a while, looking at how these online papers differ from their printed counterparts. When you answer the following questions, be sure to keep those printed papers in the back of your mind.

1. What is the most prominently featured story on the main page?
2. How is the main page constructed? Is it busy, simple, filled with photographs, rotating stories?
3. What kinds of photographs are visible when you first visit the site? Describe them and their effects.
4. How easy is it to navigate the site? List the sections of the paper on the menu bar.
5. Is the audience for the online site the same audience you inferred from the printed papers?
6. What are the biggest differences you see between the two versions (printed and online)?

Be prepared to discuss both the online and printed versions of the NY papers tomorrow in class.

Here's the list:

New York Post
The Daily News
The New York Times
And because it's the world's only reliable newspaper: The Weekly World News

You must also read and/or print the newspaper background that is in one of the posts below this one. I will remind you in class about this.

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