Newspaper writing: 11/1-11/2.

Your assigned style is in the post below this one; this post contains the article assignment itself.

Your task:

Create an article in the style of a given newspaper era. Choose as a subject a significant event related to the focus of your blog. (I will help you with this in class.) It can be historical or recent, but it must be true; you must do some research for this assignment.

The article itself?

-250 words or more (no maximum)
-an effective headline
-an effective lead
-factual information
-stylistic markers (which I will explain more in class)

You may earn a few bonus points for using a picture that is both appropriate and appropriately captioned.

You may lose a few points for not taking the time to format this article so that it looks engaging -- a bit more like a newspaper and less like something you vomited onto the screen in between not doing your work.

Try to have fun with this. It's due on Monday, November 5; however, I will be grading you on what you do during the next two days.

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